God for All: the journey 2015-2020


God for All 2015-2020 brought together the vision of the Diocese of Carlisle, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Salvation Army from across Cumbria to work in radical and ambitious new ways.


Together we strengthened what was being done in mission and outreach so that many more people across Cumbria could discover the reality of God. We shared ministry, community service and church life together, whilst also helping to establish new and fresh varieties of church life. And we sought to make sure that our church buildings were fit to serve both God and our local communities.


The 2015-2020 strategic plan had five key focus areas, with a sixth area, marked simply with a ‘?’. Our hope was that as we looked together towards 2020-2025 we would begin to explore how, under God, this vision might be refreshed, shaped and developed further.

A refreshed vision: 2020-now

In accordance with this desire to explore how the initial vision might be refreshed, the God for All partner denominations undertook 100 days of prayer and 100 days of listening. 1,500 Christians from across Cumbria responded to a survey asking them what they believed the priorities for God for All should be.

From this emerged four clear thematic areas, which form the vision for God for All going forwards. They build and expand upon what has been achieved in the previous five years.