Mission Communities

There are currently 35 mission communities across Cumbria, all developed in support of God for All.

These are groupings of mutually supportive time-honoured churches, pioneers, fresh expressions of faith and community groups which are all mission-focussed.

The modelling for mission communities is intentionally wide: no two are the same with local decision-making moulding how each best works within its own context.

It is for each mission community to decide upon and develop models of ministerial deployment – stipendiary/salaried, non-salaried and self-supporting – and to hone strategic planning and areas of ministerial and missional focus.

Many are ecumenical in nature – drawing on the commitments and partnerships that have flourished since 2015 between God for All’s four partner denominations – Anglican, Methodist, United Reformed and Salvation Army – and its companion denominations.

Each has a designated mission community leader(s) with support structures in place with each of the four Anglican Archdeacons acting as Strategic Development Officers to draw alongside and encourage ministry within a mission community context. Moving Forward workshops have also supported, encouraged and empowered mission communities.

Some of the logos for Mission Communities around the county.