Will your church take part in God for All Digital Sunday this June? With a suite of resources to choose from, including a sermon and prayers, the event should be both thought-provoking and refreshing, as we look at what it means to be a follower of Jesus in a digital age.

Whilst the bible doesn’t mention the internet or social media – it does have plenty to say about speech, identity, and authenticity. So as part of Digital Sunday, we’ll be looking at how the gospel can transform our online identity, so that what we say and do online points towards God’s glory, and the hope that we have in Jesus. We’ll also look at the influence that our online activity has on us, and how we can develop healthy habits.

Resources are designed so that churches can hold a complete Digital Sunday service, instead of their usual teaching. 

Rev Robin Ham, minister at St Paul’s Barrow and joint leader of Barrow Mission Community says:“Digital Sunday is exciting because it’s a moment when the whole church in Cumbria can pause and do that important work of reflecting on our digital lives – both as a church and as individual Christians. Social media is such a massive opportunity to testify to the life-changing gospel of Jesus – and often that can be in very normal ‘below the radar’ ways. But maybe we also need to consider how it’s ‘evangelising’ us.”

For more information, or to share any ideas you may have, please contact God for All Digital Enabler, Eleanor Ledesma


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Digital health-check – printable resource for people to take home 
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Sunday school teaching plan, ages 4-11
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Sunday school teaching plan – ages 11+
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