Onsite and Online church

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown saw many churches rush to broadcasting their services online. Whilst most churches have re-opened for services, audio visual still offers many benefits for your church including making services accessible to those who can’t attend physical services.

As you look ahead to a future where hybrid church (onsite and online) is the new normal, you may be looking at how you can improve or streamline how you do online church.

The Church of England has published a comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Online and Onsite Services, which would be helpful for churches of all denominations as they start planning for the post-covid online world.

There are many helpful resources in the digital universe but this is an overview, a one-stop shop, to help you see the wood for the trees.

A reflection, taken from the guide:

‘The Church has already been strengthened by many new online worshippers. Some have been energised by the online mission opportunity. The bruised Church has been prepared for future mission by mastering the means to share Good News with a newly needy nation inside the homes and private spaces of its people. For the first time in history, most churches can deploy onsite and online church in harness together, powering our timeless mission to feed the faith and stir the worship of all the people.’