Envisioning the church of the future

November 2021

Important work is set to take place in the coming weeks to help envisage what the church in Cumbria will look like in the future.

Through widespread consultation – 100 days of prayer and 100 days of listening – we’ve already completed substantial work to refresh the county’s ecumenical God for All vision and strategy.

The feedback received has helped shape four key themes – Follow Daily, Speak Boldly, Tread Gently and Care Deeply – all of which have been well-received across the county.

Understandably, the coronavirus pandemic meant that planned work to further develop the strategy was stalled for a time.

But that has begun again in earnest, with special invitations being issued to 25 people across Cumbria who are being asked to paint detailed pictures of what they think church will look like in the future.

Those asked to take part include voices from all four partner denominations – both lay and ordained – and represent a true cross-section of churches and communities.

They are all being asked the same question:

“What does a ‘thriving’ expression of church or mission or faith look like in your context?”

Each participant will present to a panel of church leaders early in December, providing opportunity for further discussion and exploration about their church of the future, both practically and pastorally.

This picture will then be considered by each denomination early next year ahead of the spring Synods and other governance meetings.

The latest developments will be posted on this website.