Please find below a variety of downloadable logos for use when branding and promoting the refreshed God for All vision.

The logo exists to provide a visual identity that all God for All partners can relate to and ‘own’. The interlocking colours create a cross shape at the symbol’s centre. The combined shapes signify wholeness and completeness and the collegiate and denominational core of God for All. The organic look and feel represents growth and vitality.

The colour palettes represent the four key themes: follow daily, care deeply, speak boldly, tread gently. The colour tones must not be altered in the main logo or any of the associated sub-brand logos which speak to each of the themes.

None of the assets provided on this page should be altered in any way and must only be used by churches, organisations and groups affiliated to the God for All vision. The Symbol and Namestyle should not have any other graphic elements added to it.

Logos should only ever be resized by dragging from the corners, i.e. keeping the aspect ratio the same. Do not enlarge the logos by dragging horizontally or vertically as you will change the width/height of the logo.

Other groups and organisations wishing to use the various design assets should seek advice from the Communications Team.