Mission Communities

Mission communities have been created across Cumbria, all developed in support of God for All.

These are groupings of mutually supportive and collaborative churches, pioneers, fresh expressions of faith and community groups which have mission at their heart.

Often these are in ecumenical contexts, drawing on the commitments and partnerships that have flourished since 2015 between God for All’s four partner denominations – Anglican, Methodist, United Reformed and Salvation Army – and its companion denominations.

The modelling for mission communities is intentionally wide: no two are the same with local decision-making moulding how each best works within its own context.

It is for each mission community to decide upon and develop models of ministerial deployment – stipendiary/salaried, non-salaried and self-supporting – and to hone strategic planning and areas of ministerial and missional focus.

Each has a designated mission community leader(s) with support structures in place with each Anglican Archdeacon acting as a Strategic Development Officers, drawing alongside and encouraging ministry within a mission community context.

We are developing lots of new resources to help support and encourage all of the wonderful work which is going on within our mission community setting. All the resources will be uploaded here.


The Garden Planner is a short booklet which draws on the imagery of a flourishing garden to help those in our mission communities consider what ‘growth’ looks like in their context.

The Garden Planner – Next Steps is an A3 double-sided poster resource which mission community members are encouraged to use to help spark ideas as together they explore their next steps.

Some of the logos for Mission Communities around the county.