The Northern Mission Centre

The Northern Mission Centre is a collaboration between God for All and Church Mission Society to support creative and innovative mission. We are pioneering at heart, supporting both Time Honoured and Fresh Expressions (FX) of church across all denominations to reach deeper into the communities they serve. You can read more about the Northern Mission Centre at the bottom of the page.

Read more about Pioneering, Fresh Expressions and meet the Team on the Fresh Expressions and Pioneering page.

Certificate in Pioneer Mission

Our flagship course in collaboration with Church Mission Society offers an authentically Northern approach for those looking to explore creative mission. Read more about the course here or join in with one of our taster events.

Other training and resources

Read about other training and support we offer including our Fresh Expressions Day on our Training and Events and Resources Pages. You can also read more about Fresh Expressions and Pioneering in Cumbria in our booklet ‘Imaginative Mission in and Around Cumbria’ here.

If you would like to find out more about what the Northern Mission Centre offers please contact our administrator at

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More about the Northern Mission Centre

Churches are often passionate about serving their whole community and over the past few years we have seen accelerated growth in creative mission as people realise God really is for all. We have seen more and more Time Honoured churches pioneer Fresh Expressions of church through things like children’s ministry, food banks, social care groups reaching new people in new ways, and building new worshipping communities such as Messy Church. We also see those not fitting in as having a gift that can help reach well beyond the boundaries of traditional church. We have supported these people to establish Fresh Expressions of church like Mountain Pilgrims (an outdoor based FXs) or Maranatha Yoga (an FX reaching spiritual seekers).

The lessons we have learnt along the way are many. We know that Time Honoured and Fresh Expressions need each other, often more than they realise. We know that telling stories about others working in their communities can inspire people to adapt something for their own context. We know that the more we network and nourish people involved in pioneer mission, the more happens. We know people are generous with their time, gifts and talents, but are stretched. We know that the more creative we are in how we do training and support, the more creative people are in their local situation, and we know that all of this has helped to foster a kind of missional ecosystem that is supportive, relational, giving and creative. So the Northern Mission Centre is all about supporting that ecosystem to grow because God is for all.

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