Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Wall

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Harriet, aged 6

Thank you for your service. I will miss you, but you are safe with our Lord Jesus

Dave Roberts

The Queen was a true servant of Christ and of her country. My prayers are with all her family.

Jackie Dower

In memory of our much loved Queen Elizabeth 2nd, who devoted herself to serving God, her people and the World.
May she rest in peace with the Lord.

Heather Berry

Thankyou for 70 years reign and service your majesty, rest in eternal peace with your beloved Phillip, God bless and keep you

Lisa Moore Wilson

Thank for all your years of service and wisdom, your kindness and grace and for living out your deep faith.
May you rest in peace and rise in glory.

Sandra McIndoe

Remembering The Queen who will be with her beloved husband Many years in Service

Eleanor Ledesma

Thank you for your grace, your humility, your hard work, your 70 years of putting duty first, and for always pointing us to Jesus and towards hope. May you rest in peace and rise in glory, Your Majesty