That’s Outrageous!

By Rachel Milburn - Eden Network Youth Church Leader It was around a year ago that a plan was hatched to start a ladies discipleship group in Brough. There were [...]

Intrigued by pioneering and want some support?

By Emma Richardson - Pioneer Enabler Team Leader Pioneering has become the new buzz word recently and we all find ourselves into trying new things or doing things differently. The [...]

Living Life to the Full at Dreaming The Impossible

By Emily Milburn - Penrith Network Youth Church Leader On the 29th of July 2023, the Network Youth Church partnered with St Thomas’ Kendal to take fifteen young people to [...]

Anyone for Bingo? Why Two F** Ladies are no Longer Eighty-Eight in the Kingdom of God 

By Rev'd Alison Riley, Network Youth Church Minister, Calder ‘Two f** ladies’ announced the bingo caller, ‘Eighty-eight’ was the chorused response as eyes scanned bingo books and dibbers dibbed, but [...]

Going with the energy

New challenges constantly arise and for many the way technology has developed has impacted how they view events and commitments. About 15 years ago we noted that, in youth ministry, [...]