By Lol Wood - Family Project Leader for the Churches in Lunesdale We began during the pandemic under the name Muddy Church. Our starting place was trying to find a [...]

That’s Outrageous!

By Rachel Milburn - Eden Network Youth Church Leader It was around a year ago that a plan was hatched to start a ladies discipleship group in Brough. There were [...]

Intrigued by pioneering and want some support?

By Emma Richardson - Pioneer Enabler Team Leader Pioneering has become the new buzz word recently and we all find ourselves into trying new things or doing things differently. The [...]

Living Life to the Full at Dreaming The Impossible

By Emily Milburn - Penrith Network Youth Church Leader On the 29th of July 2023, the Network Youth Church partnered with St Thomas’ Kendal to take fifteen young people to [...]

Anyone for Bingo? Why Two F** Ladies are no Longer Eighty-Eight in the Kingdom of God 

By Rev'd Alison Riley, Network Youth Church Minister, Calder ‘Two f** ladies’ announced the bingo caller, ‘Eighty-eight’ was the chorused response as eyes scanned bingo books and dibbers dibbed, but [...]